Our menu

At Pickles & Olives we prepare with fresh ingredients to support the philosophy of healthy eating and conscious consumption.

Hor d'oeuvres

(includes 2 per guest of each selected items)

— Honey roasted squash crostini

with sage, whipped ricotta cheese, crisp French baguette.

— Seared scallops

with fresh ramp and caviar.

— Hot and spicy deviled eggs

— Steak and prosciutto skewers

with basil and tarragon sauce.

— Hoisin sauce meatballs

in reduced cabernet sauvignon.

— Red beet skewers

with basil and Feta cheese.

— Chicken Satay

with spicy peanut sauce.

— Salmon

with blueberry basil hats.

— Oven roasted tomatoes

with shallots, oregano, basil chiffonade.


— Marinated roasted peppers

with toasted pine nuts and raisins.

— Greek salad:

three colored cherry tomatoes, Greek Picnic Cheese, kalamata olives, fresh cucumbers.

— Summer salad:

organic mix baby red beets, frisee, red chard, radicchio, red oak leaf, mizuna, lollo, rosso, arugula, red mustard, topped with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, red onions, black berries, & roasted almonds.  Paired with herb dressing.

— Wilted spinach salad

with warm bacon vinaigrette, sliced baby bella mushrooms, cracked pepper corns, olive oil topped with croutons.

— Red Beet salad with Quinoa:

Organic red beets, quinoa in red wine vinaigrette.


— Grilled vegetables provincial style

— Roasted Tuscan style potatoes

with baby carrots, rosemary, and fresh carrots.

— Whipped Potatoes

with cream fraiche, Irish butter, garlic, finished with nutmeg.

— Wild Rice Pilaf:

aquatic wild grain, gourmet Himalayan red rice, wild pecan brown rice blend with bruschetta seasoning, Irish butter and sliced almonds.

— Roasted Asparagus

with sea salt and olive oil.

— Grilled portabella mushrooms

with soy sesame glaze.

— Glazed Carrots

sea salt with cracked pepper corn.


— Slow roasted leg of lamb

with rosemary, Irish butter, and garlic.

— Chicken Roulades

with baby bella cream fraiche gravy.

— Herbed roasted chicken:

pesto, herbs, olive oil.

— Smoked prime cut brisket

on fruit wood blend, marinated in olive oil, course sea salt, cracked pepper corns, spices.

— Brazilian mixed grill: 

roasted chicken, bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, flank steak.

— Atlantic roasted salmon

topped with bruschetta.

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